Data Fusion in Operating Rooms


Current operating rooms (ORs) are equipped with new surgical technologies and advanced medical devices which often increase the complexity of the intervention workflow. Therefore, integrated ORs are the technical solutions that interconnect medical devices inside OR, and support surgeons and clinical team to take full advantages of advanced technologies inside OR and improve patient care.

Current research at ITeM

In this work, patient data from anesthesiology is included for the first time and combined with device data from the surgical side (i.e. laparoscopic camera, insufflator and HF device). This aims to assist clinicians in making decisions and provide a comprehensive description of patient status.

The main topics are:

  • Program for recording data from anesthesia machine and medical devices in the operating theater.
  • Analyzing data from OP-devices and anesthesiology to recognize surgical phases.
  • Developing a monitoring concept to display relevant clinical information for surgeon and anesthesiologist during the operation.