Project Areas

Here you can find the current running projects in the Institute for Technical Medicine (ITeM) that cover different areas in Biomedical Engineering. Mainly in the field physiological modeling and mechanical ventilation. Find out more!


Model-based mechanical Ventilation

Physiological behaviors and mechanisms are described with different levels of mathematical models. In order to simulate the interactions among different organs, models for separate organs should be combined in a dynamic way.


Electrical Impedance Tomography

This non-invasive medical imaging technique has shown promising results to monitor ventilation distribution in  patients with various lung diseases. ITeM aims to develop algorithms and signal processing methods to improve image quality and enhance data interpretability.

Continuous Respiratory Monitoring

Acquisition of respiratory dynamics is of high interest, not only for the treatment of patients with lung diseases. Continuously recording respiratory parameters would be helpful in different areas of application, e.g. the monitoring of sleep apnea.

Digitization in the Operating Room

Data Fusion in Operating Rooms

Based on the concept “Integrated operating rooms”, ITeM aims to combine data from anesthesiology with device data from the surgical side. The main goal is to assist clinicians in making decisions and provide a comprehensive description of patient status.


Bone screw torque optimisation

An automated bone screw torque determination and regulation has the potential to reduce the frequency and impact of surgeon errors, reduce required training, and provide better patient outcomes. Our goal is to achieve this in a model-based manner.


Analysis of Electrical/Dielectric Properties in Tissue

Several physical properties can be used to discriminate among healthy and unhealthy human tissues and guide the doctor and the surgeon in real-time. At ITeM we focus on the electrical and the dielectric properties of the tissues which can be derived from impedimetric and radio frequencies related measurements.

Effectiveness of High Frequency Surgery

High frequency (HF) surgery is nowadays a commonly used technique for many kinds of surgical procedures, however the physiological and multi-physical relationship are so far not well explored and understood. The aim is to investigate and to determine the effectiveness of HF specific modes on specific type of tissue.

Interdisciplinary Projects

Facial Emotion Recognition

A system is developed to transform facial expressions into an emotion by applying machine learning algorithms. The aim is to develop a real time closed loop system to help in treatment of people suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Light Engineering

Light plays a key role in medical diagnosis and therapy. ITeM combines optical technologies and raytracing simulation to analyze, design and optimize illumination systems embedded in medical devices.



Wound Healing

We are developing a wound healing therapy treatment device that applies light, mechanical and electrical stimulation in combination. By applying engineering, modelling and control approaches we aim to provide optimized solutions for chronic wound therapy.