About ITeM

About Us

The Institute of Technical Medicine (ITeM) is one of the research departments of Furtwangen University (HFU), located in the Black Forest of Germany.


We have a highly-motivated, multi-disciplinary team working on applications of technical solutions to medical problems. Not restricted to solely one specialty such as biosignal analysis, complete technical solutions are developed ranging from instrumentation, signal acquisition until intelligent decision support. Major achievements were reached in the field of physiological modelling and mechanical ventilation.

Job vacancies

Unsolicited applications are welcome.

If interested, please contact Prof. Dr. Knut Möller.

Bachelor- and Master-Thesis

Applications with proposed topics are welcome in each project area.

If interested, please contact the corresponding project manager.

Student assistant(HiWi)

ITeM regularly offers student assistantships in each project area.

If interested, please send your application to the corresponding project manager.